Natural regeneration approach to ecological restoration

Lessons and Limitations
  • Natural regeneration can occur in areas where damage is low or, at least for some species, where long time frames are available.
  • In some cases with long histories of utilisation, only partial recovery may be possible without moving the site to a more 'assisted regeneration' model.
  • Levels of invasive species over and above a 'maintenance' level would also take a site to an 'assisted regeneration' approach rather than a 'natural regeneration' approach.

Example of ceasing overfishing:

Great Barrier Reef 'No take' zones

Examples of ceasing livestock grazing:

Broken Hill Regeneration Area

Neds Corner, Victoria (some parts)

Example of ceasing clearing:

Brigalow regrowth, Queensland

Example of ceasing mowing:

Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, North Head Sanctuary, former artillery site