The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) is an independent, nonprofit ecological restoration organisation that connects the restoration community (industry, government, practitioners) across the Australasian region, and is a regional chapter of the peak international body for restoration, the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER).

Principal authors and contributors: This document was prepared by the Standards Reference of SERA. Its principal authors were Tein McDonald, Justin Jonson and Kingsley Dixon. Other members of the Standards Reference Group (the late David Lamb, David Freudenberger, Peter Erskine and Vern Newton) contributed concepts and comments on the multiple drafts—as did delegates of the project’s 12 Advisor and Partner organisations: James Fitzsimons, Ben Carr, Simon Branigan (The Nature Conservancy), Scott Meier, Jen Ford (Australian Association of Bush Regenerators), Zoe Metherill (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects), Anne Cochrane, Martin Driver (Australian Network for Plant Conservation), Lucy Sutherland, Peter Cuneo, David Merritt (Australian Seed Bank Partnership), Jim Radford, Angela Sanders, Matt Appleby, Simon Smale (Bush Heritage Australia), Keith Bradby, Paula Deegan (Gondwana Link), Paul Gibson-Roy, Bindi Vanzella (Greening Australia), Brian Bainbridge and Graeme Lorimer (Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association), Amelia Hurren (Trees for Life), Nathan Wong, Robyn Edwards (Trust for Nature Victoria) and Louise Duff, Hanna Kogelman and Timothy Mouton (WetlandCare Australia).
We acknowledge the contributions of many agencies, researchers, industry bodies, contractors and individuals whose comments on earlier versions improved the relevance and rigor of the Standards. While these people and organisations are too many to mention by name we particularly acknowledge the following people who contributed substantial information on genetics or environmental change: Andre Clewell, Linda Broadhurst, Nola Hancock, Lesley Hughes, Suzanne Prober, Margaret Byrne, Martin Breed, Andy Lowe, Nick Gellie, Siegy Krauss, Maurizio Rossetto, Ary Hoffmann, Rebecca Jordan, Nigel Tucker and Trevor Booth. Andre Clewell additionally contributed inspiration and ideas that led to the attributes list and recovery wheel shown in Figure 5 and Appendix 5, and the final draft was further improved by valuable comments from George Gann and Andre Clewell. We additionally acknowledge the contribution of the Science and Policy Committee of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) for refinement of some concepts that have now been incorporated into this Edition 2.2 and for rich materials from the 2019 SER Ecological Restoration Standards (Gann which are liberally cited.


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